Dad Clothes. The name comes from the Playa. My friend Matt dressed as he would by default and a costumed lady asked him why he was wearing 'dad clothes'. He told me the story, I bought the domain, and it became a little thing on Instagram that I liked to grow. Dad Clothes is a lot of things. Everyday I have ideas for it. 

On a more brass-tacks level, this is a print-on-demand operation, with me being the sole employee. When you order something it's printed in LA or North Carolina (or Latvia if you're in Europe) by Printful. I chose my products based on quality and source. I wear a lot of my own clothes. Nothing has a logo visible. Around the same time I started Dad Clothes, there was a trend with 'But first Coffee' and 'Stay Calm and (fill in the blank)'. I remember thinking at the time that shirts are an incredibly powerful medium, but the messages are so often diluted by one-dimensional wit, 'But first Coffee', or flat allusions 'I'm going to Namaste in Bed'.

Dad Clothes is comprised of 3 parts: the Instagram (dad.clothes), this website, and the Dad Clothes Magazine. (issue 1 can be found HERE).

Dad Clothes is for everyone, and by everyone I mean every representation of one. It's not gold. I don't consider myself funny or pretend that this is curing any of the ailments we suffer culturally. I do hope wearing these clothes starts conversations and maybe even inspires someone. I'm constantly editing things off the site and trying to narrow down the scope. But there is a necessary complexity that Dad Clothes thrives on, and this is a hard balance, as any form of self-publishing can create.

I hope you enjoy. I guarantee all products with a 30-day no questions asked return policy. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 


Dad Clothes

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